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Here are some comments and testimonials from our graduates.

“Very well presented by Liz, she is a natural and makes potentially dry information more interesting to learn. A well run course. Congratulations – Liz and all the support staff were great – including Harry the Dog [sic].”

Nicholas – Concord, NSW

“Enjoyed the course through Walker and Miller. It was well organised, and the trainer was experienced and knowledgeable”

Nagaraj – Ropes Crossing, NSW

“Generally, I felt the course, content, materials and delivery were easy to learn via and to benefit from. Logical, time appropriate, relevant and practical. Liz is quality all round, a privilege to be in her class”

Lee – Miranda, NSW

“Great course and trainer, Liz, was very knowledgeable on the subject and made the course very enjoyable”

Tony – Newington, NSW

“Excellent Materials, Very well presented. Great practical guidance and good group interaction. A great advert for face to face courses. Thanks so much!”

Paul – Seaforth, NSW

“Liz was a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer who was more than happy to answer any questions”

Krishneil – Concord, NSW

“Great course – clear and concise. Liz was awesome, made it very easy to understand, very clear and to the point. Life examples were great to relate to topics”

Andrew – Monnah, TAS

“Liz is extremely patient, very well expressed and very well meaning. She is concerned with all of her students. The material is also very well organised – I am truly impressed.”

Chay – Pennant Hills, NSW

“Liz was able to answer all questions that were asked. She was very knowledgeable and approachable.”

Nastasija – Hinchinbrook, NSW

“Very clear and informative slides and course materials. Practical exercises were also very helpful. The trainer was excellent, very knowledgeable”

Revin – Rockdale, NSW

 “Very pleased with the course in general. With no finance experience, I feel quite confident of a future in this industry. Thank you!”

Amy – Salamander Bay, NSW

“Liz was very enthusiastic about topic and encouraged interactive discussion.”

Leon – Lindfield, NSW

“Liz was excellent! Very patient and made the concepts easy to understand.”

John – Bondi Beach, NSW

“Liz is a perfect trainer – knowledgeable, precise and accurate with information”

Uttam – Wentworthville, NSW

“Liz was always smiling. She was clear and concise with her training – gives good examples”

Ken – Castle Hill, NSW

“The course was great, and Liz has provided us with good and practical knowledge.”

Anubhuti – Quakers Hill, NSW

“Liz was very good, knowledgeable, organised and clear!”

Daniel – Campbelltown, NSW

“Liz made the course enjoyable and used the experiences of the past to give examples of certain situations. Excellent course!”

Alfio – Leichhardt, NSW

“Liz spoke very clearly and was easy to understand. All the information was given and gone through greatly”

Erik – Bensville, NSW

“Liz is very friendly, polite, experienced teacher. She explained everything in detail and had a very very good personality”

Abbas – Punchbowl, NSW

“I would be happy to recommend this course to others. It was excellent. Liz is very knowledgeable, very helpful and very friendly”

Taylor – South Hurstville, NSW

“Appreciated the pace of the course. Plenty of time to understand things, and good to take home all the material to read through in your own time.”

Patrick – Moorebank, NSW

“Liz made the course interesting and was very knowledgeable and relevant experiences.”

Bruce – Casula, NSW

“Liz was fantastic – kept the class running smoothly and kept everything interesting. Super friendly!”

Kylie – Casula, NSW

“Liz was excellent! She was friendly and professional, knew her stuff and was very energetic. She had lots of anecdotes based on personal experience. She was very positive and enthusiastic.”

John – Semaphore, SA

“Trainer has made the course (which could have been very dry) into an enjoyable, humorous learning experience.”

Luccia – Concord, NSW

“Liz is Excellent, explains everything and listens to everyone when they ask questions and make comments. She is patient and also shares experiences. It was clear, concise and had easy to follow course content.”

Nicole – Carrara, QLD

“Liz is very professional and full of energy. Excellent presenter and trainer.”

Joseph – Rouse Hill, NSW

“The trainer was well organised and knowledgeable. Her explanations were very clear and straight to the point.”

Tony – Merrylands, NSW

“Liz kept it relevant and imparted information in an easy to understand way.”

Chun – Burwood, NSW

“Absolutely enjoyed my time for the three days. I found the course very informative. Liz was very helpful in her training and answered any questions that I had. She was very thorough”

 Ibrahim – Greenacre NSW

 “Liz’s experience in the industry is a great asset and a huge benefit to the participants in the course. It was an excellent course with and excellent facilitator and an excellent group of participants”

 Tashfiq – Stanhope Gardens NSW

 “My thanks to Liz for her excellent presentation skills – which clarified the points I could not understand by commencing with E-learning to do myself.”

 Jeanne – Beaumont Hills NSW

 “I highly recommend Face-to-Face as it breathes life into the course. Liz explained things in such a way that it was understood by all – from the very experienced down to the very inexperienced.”

 Cherie – Jindabyne NSW

 “Liz is amazing!! The best teacher I’ve ever had”

 Erin – Millers Point NSW

 “This course has impressed me a lot and gone well above my expectations. Broking has now gone from a possible career option to a definite one”

 Andrew – Narrabri NSW

 “Doug and Jenny were great trainers. They explained very clearly the topics and had a great interest in us to succeed in this course.”

 Kong – Fulham Garden SA

 “I found Doug to be very knowledgeable with the material and had alot of common sense about product knowledge and client knowledge. Doug came across very clear and helpful.”

 Rebecca – Windsor NSW

 “This was the most informative and value for money course I have ever done! Excellent trainer! Everyone should do this course and come back for a refresher course every 2 years.”

 Craig – Newcastle NSW

 “Excellent knowledge – I learnt things that you wouldn’t generally be taught by some others. Thank you very much!”

 Robert – Ryde NSW

 “Doug is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject area. He presented as someone who had integrity in the industry.”

 Ian – Pennant Hills NSW

 “Impressed with Doug’s approach, sticking to the core and key issues of mortgage lending. Doug’s cheerful and down to earth disposition made the course really worthwhile and interesting. Good Trainer!! Would come back again to be trained on office topics by Doug.”

 Felix – Normanhurst NSW

 “Doug’s knowledge, professionalism, manner and delivery made attending this course a fabulous experience!”

 Judith – Cedar Creek QLD

 “Doug made the course very relaxing and enjoyable. He presents well and has alot of great real life experience which is very helpful.”

 Allan – Wagga Wagga NSW

 “Excellent Training Session – no improvements needed! I can go back to the office with a renewed outlook on my business and its goals. Courses like this are crucial for any loan writer regardless of experience.”

 Danny – Punchbowl NSW

 “Well informed and knowledgeable in all faucets of brokerage. Kept my attention longer than any other course I have ever undertaken in my life!”

 Elia – Greystaynes NSW

 “Doug is a well informed and knowledgeable trainer and has given great thought to his presentation material.”

 Kim – Ilford NSW

 “Best presenter I have come across – good balance of knowledge, motivation, humour, down to earth. I felt like he enjoyed parting with his knowledge.”

 Jenni – Bega NSW

 “It was a really great course. Doug was motivating, interesting, funny, and practical. Everything given to us was good quality and professional.”

 Carmen – Harris Park NSW 

“As someone fairly new to the business, I found this course “just what I was looking for” to fill in gaps and put things into context and perspective.”

 Richard – Blakehurst NSW

 “Doug is obviously very knowledgeable on his topics. He is approachable and helpful, which really contributed to my understanding of the Modules.”

 Rebecca – Gosford NSW

 “All topics were covered well by Liz – An Excellent Trainer. Many Thanks!”

 Suzanne – Leeton NSW

 “Liz is an extremely enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable trainer. She over delivered on all my expectations”

 Suzy – Rouse Hill NSW

 “Enjoyed the entire course. Liz was great and very enjoyable to listen to. She definitely has great enthusiasm”

 Jana – Beverly Hills NSW

 “Liz was absolutely wonderful! Liz was also very easy for me to understand, especially since I am completely new to this industry. The course was very well organised and made easy understanding”

 Andrew – Quakers Hill NSW

 “This course was fantastic and interesting and has definitely opened my eyes to a different type of business. It has helped me to broaden my horizons and I have learnt so much from Liz. I had a great time and now feel like I can do more with myself”

 Janina – Beverly Hills NSW

 “Excellent and very well conducted course. It was interesting and very informative. Liz was great and very helpful. She is very experienced and always smiling. Very punctual and organised”

 Denjola – Parramatta NSW

 “Liz was fantastic, kept everything interesting and was very patient and helpful when explaining course content.”

 Courtney – Sutherland NSW

 “Liz is an excellent trainer, very knowledgeable, patient and has great temperament. Quite witty as well!”

 Gary – Sutherland NSW

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